Gotta Survive...

Gotta Survive...

Inspired by the song, "Gotta Survive" by Mase.

As a young woman growing up in an urban community, I observed the world around me and knew I was destined for more. And when I said "more", I was not referring to materialistic things. You see, temporary satisfaction seemed to be the root of all evil where people would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to fill the void; stepping into school with the newest shoes on just to keep up, wearing make-up to feel better about themselves, having the newest cellphone to stay in the mix... 

So what does "void" actually mean? Void means completely empty and in many instances, I ran away from the truth, I ran away from my problems, I did not want to deal with any burdens because I was "unprepared" and distracted. Running..running..running in circles.

In the midst of my journey, I did not fully lose sight of the bigger picture:
being more, doing more, believing that there was more to life than the present moment and situation. "Some thought I was crazy, some said I was missing. Some said I was lazy, some said I was different." I came across so many people who misunderstood me because I chose myself and instead, "Now they want to stop just to look at what I got. Thought they was my homie, man, left me out to rot," and so, I realized that I could not depend on other people to fill my cup because at the end of the day, people will show you their true colors. In order to be more, do more, believe in more, I had to believe in myself and do the inner work.

If you are reading this, it is never too late to embark on your self-discovery journey and live in your truth. 
  • Can you identify a "void" in your own life? What are you doing or what could you do to address it more healthily?
  • I mentioned the importance of not depending on others to "fill your cup," what does self-sufficiency mean to you, and how do you practice it in your daily life?

  • Have you ever felt misunderstood by those around you when you chose yourself? How did you handle that situation?

Gotta survive...
Gotta survive...
Gotta survive... 

With Gratitude,

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Great read! Can’t wait for the next one.


Love it you did your thing with this ✨🙌🏼


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